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Title: Lettere turche tra i Balcani e il Bosforo: Il pendolo di Yahya Kemal e Orhan Pamuk
Authors: Bellingeri, Giampiero
Keywords: Yahya Kemal
Orhan Pamuk
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Venice : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: The author summons here two eminent figures of the modern and contemporary scenario of the Turkish literature: Yahya Kemal (Skopje, 1884/85-Istanbul, 1958) and Orhan Pamuk (Istanbul, 1952). A poet and a Nobel Prize who never met are here encouraged to converse through their verses and their inventions, at once elaborate and incisive. Moving through a recalled landscape, between the Bosforo and the Balcans, and, following the natural extension of those coasts, until Venice, the author intends to propose an encounter-clash of poetics built on various connections, across a scenario, both natural and emotional, very dear and familiar to the friend Gianclaudio Macchiarella.
ISBN: 978-88-6969-085-3
Appears in Collections:Eurasiatica. Quaderni di studio su Balcani, Caucaso e Asia Centrale

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