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Title: Unagreement between Italian and Southern Italian dialects
Authors: Höhn, Georg
Silvestri, Giuseppina
Squillaci, Maria Olimpia
Keywords: Unagreement
Pronominal determiners
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center of Language Sciences
Abstract: This paper discusses new data from two southern Italian dialects, northern Calabrese and southern Calabrese, which contrast with standard Italian in exhibiting the flexible agreement patterns with definite plural subjects characteristic of the unagreement phenomenon of Spanish and Modern Greek. We highlight a problem that this raises for recent proposals connecting the availability of unagreement to the obligatory presence of a definite article in adnominal pronoun constructions like “we children”. Adopting the distributed morphology framework, we suggest that the contrast between standard Italian and the southern varieties may be due to variation in the feature specification of the vocabulary items realising the D head.
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