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Title: Di generazione in generazione : ’Almog Behar e la letteratura mizrahi in Israele
Authors: Miccoli, Dario
Keywords: Tchahlah ve-Hezqel
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Venezia : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: This essay focuses on a very interesting Israeli novelist and poet of mizrahi origin, ’Almog Behar (b. 1978), clarifying the most salient characteristics of his works – especially the novel Tchahlah ve-Hezqel – and the main issues there discussed. In order to better understand the works of Behar. The first three generations of mizrahi literature will be discussed: from the «transit camp» novels of the 1950s to the new wave of the 1980s, up to today. By focusing on Behar, it will be explained how it is nowadays possible to rewrite Israeli culture and society basing upon one’s family past and memories and, in so doing, open new scenarios for Israeli literature, as well as for mizrahi identity and Arab-Jewish relations.
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