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Title: English Particles, Russian Prefixes, and Prepositional Phrases
Authors: Rojina, Nina
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Balto-Slavic Languages
Slavic Languages
Germanic Languages
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: University of Tromsoe
Abstract: This thesis is an attempt to identify the position for particles in English and prefixes in Russian in the context of the nature of the prepositional phrase. In order to solve this problem I examine the nature of verb-particle constructions and prefixed verbs in English and Russian respectively. Outlining the similarities between particles and prefixes I argue that particles and prefixes occupy the same position in the syntactic structure. Before studying the position of particles and prefixes in the context of the prepositional structure, I present the approaches to the prepositions and introduce PathP and PlaceP, which are used for the explanation of case assignment in Russian. The work leads to the conclusion that particles and prefixes require the same extra projection in prepositional phrases, which I refer to as DirP.
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