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Title: The Distribution of Clitics in French Causative Constructions
Authors: Picard, Albert
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Romance Languages
Issue Date: 1984
Publisher: McGill University
Abstract: In the Government and Binding framework, l will analyse the intrinsic properties of the so-called "causative constructions" in French. In particular, l will study the distribution of the clitics' in these kinds of constructions. l shall show the underlying mechanisms which will enable us to better pnderstand these properties, consisting essentially in verb mQvement in complement infinitivals in the insertion of a preposition (à/par), and in the distribution of these clitic pronouns. As we shall see, the grammar of causative sentences in French which we will construct constitutes, in fact, an original and significant proposaI for the grammatical theo~y for, if adequately formulated, this grammar emphasizes the correlation that exists between these properties. Indeed, given the rule of Hove X of the transformational component of the model of grammar which we have adopted, namely, the generative grammar, it follows as a direct consequence that these properties are intrinsically related.
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