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Title: Malagasy clause structure
Authors: Paul, Ileana M.
Keywords: Austronesian Languages
Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Malagasy Languages
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: McGill University
Abstract: This thesis explores the nature of voice in Malagasy, a language spoken in Madagascar. In chapter 2, it is claimed that different passives promote arguments from different structural positions. Evidence is provided for a particular position, [Spec, v2P], where a certain class of elements (“displaced themes”) may be generated. One particular passive, the aprefix, promotes to subject elements in this position. In chapter 3, arguments are presented in favour of a structural analysis of circumstantial topic (CT). CT morphology licenses all arguments of the verb. Due to a requirement that all clauses have a subject (the Extended Projection Principle), some element other than a DP structurally Case marked by the verb must raise to subject. Finally, chapter 4 addresses the left periphery in the Malagasy clause, in particular the structural positions of topic and focus.
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