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Title: Relations entre fonctions syntaxiques et fonctions sémantiques en wolof
Authors: Nouguier-Voisin, Sylvie
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Université Lumière Lyons 2
Abstract: This dissertation describes the modifications of grammatical relations between the verb and its arguments marked by verbal derivations in Wolof (West-Atlantic). We aim more at a thorough description of Wolof than at establishing a new theory of voice, since we work in a typological framework. This study is based on different theories on grammatical relations and various language descriptions. The results show that Wolof presents traditional voices such as middle, causative, applicative, but also derivations which are usually described for ergative languages (antipassive) and derivations less described such as co-participation. Several diachronic hypothesis have been proposed on the ground of the forms and functions of some derivations. This dissertation open new perspectives for Atlantic languages and for the reconstruction of this family.
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