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Title: Noun Morphology and the Internal Structure of the Nominal Construction in Mpumpuŋ
Authors: Ngangoum, Emilienne
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Université de Yaoundé I
Abstract: The need to have a written version of African languages in general and of Cameroonian languages in particular cannot be over emphasized. A good number of studies have been undertaken in this respect, ranging from phonology, morphology, syntax to entire dictionaries. But despite the bulk of work done to this day, it is a matter of fact that much, and indeed very much still has to be done. It is in this light that we undertake yet another study on a Cameroonian language: "Noun Morphology and the Internal Structure of the Nominal Construction in Mpumpuq". The present dissertation is a study of the noun and other constituents of the nominal construction. The major objective of this research is to bring out the relational patterns existing between the constituents of the nominal construction in terms of distribution and agreement.
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