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Title: Towards the fine structure of the Awing left periphery
Authors: Zamchang, Fominyam Henry
Keywords: Niger-Congo Languages
Bantoid Languages
Awing - Grammar
Phrase Structure
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Université de Yaoundé I
Abstract: This dissertation entitled Towards the Fine Structure of the Awing Left Periphery presents the possible projections described in the literature as contenders to the left periphery of the clause (sentence initial position). Awing is a Grassfield Bantu language spoken in the North West Region of Cameroon. The work is carried out under the guidance of the Minimalist Program (MP), a generative framework developed by Chomsky (1993, 1995, 1998 and 2001 and related works). More precisely the work is inspired from Rizzi’s (1997) Split CP Hypothesis. The work begins in a structural style and gives a detailed description of any projection identified in the literature sentence-initially. By so doing, I lay more emphasis on how these sentences are characterized in this language. Parts of the structural data notably focus and relative constructions are then scrutinized through the Minimalist lenses. I account for the trigger of movement and the landing sites of moved constituents in both constructions. This work which is centered on the fine structure of the left periphery is not a means to an end per se. The work can boast of an eloquent structural description of plausible heads pre-IP but theoretically only focalization and relativization are treated and much still has to be done to come out with the fine structure of the Awing left periphery. Nonetheless, focalization in Awing seems to solve recent issue in the generative family; for example Koopman (2005)’s proposal that the focalized phrase can be a two layered projection which is pictured in Awing. In addition, it is suggested that focus movement can be triggered by interface conditions. Moreover, the language under study portrays multiple foci within a clause contrary to Rizzi’s (1997) proposal. In sum this work is a beginning of more fascinating issues in the Awing left periphery in particular and the language in general.
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