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Title: The Structure of the Determiner Phrase in Buli
Authors: Sulemana, Abdul-Razak
Keywords: Niger-Congo Languages
Western Atlantic Languages
Buli - Grammar
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Ghana
Abstract: This thesis investigatesthe structure of the Determiner Phrase (DP) in Buli - a Gur language spoken in and around Sandema in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It aims at examining the class of determiners in the language; systematically describing the internal components of the DP, particularly the sequential order of elements within it; and testing some theoretical assumptions within the realm of the Determiner phrase. This first chapter is preoccupied with the introduction of the dissertation, with special emphasis on the language and its speakers, research problem, aims and relevance of the study. Some grammatical properties of the language are highlighted in addition to clarifying some issues in the structure of the noun phrase in Gur. The sources of data are also mentioned. Chapter two reviews relevant and related literatures in addition to explaining the tenets of the framework used for explaining the data. The framework adopted in this work is the Minimalist Program (MP) developed by Chomsky (1995). This is a linguistic program that is designed to capture the true reflection of language as it exists in the Faculty of Language (FL). The concern of chapter three is the discussion of determiners and personal pronouns, particularly, the semantics, morphology and syntax of determiners as well as the syntax of personal pronouns. Chapter four looks at the nature of modifiers and their distribution in the language. Modifiers like adjectives, numerals, relative clauses, quantifiers and possessed nouns are considered. The theoretical implications of the data presented are considered in chapter five. In this chapter proposals are made to capture the facts of the language. Chapter six concludes the work by summarising and making recommendations for future research.
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