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dc.contributor.authorYeo, Pamela Y.H.-
dc.description.abstractThis paper is a sketch grammar Singapore Teochew and aims to document the variety of Teochew spoken in Singapore. This paper seeks to contribute to the study of Singaporean Chinese languages (or dialects as they are better known here), especially since there has been little previous work done in terms of the grammar and structure of Teochew. Moreover, the language is likely to die out in the near future due to the sharp decline in the number of proficient speakers. This provides an additional motivation to document it. This sketch grammar covers the phonology of Singapore Teochew, word classes that are found in the language, the structure of noun phrases as well as verbs and verbal morphology.en_US
dc.publisherNanyang Technological University, Singaporeen_US
dc.subjectSino-Tibetan Languagesen_US
dc.subjectChinese Languageen_US
dc.subjectSingapore Teochew - Grammaren_US
dc.titleA Sketch Grammar of Singapore Teochewen_US
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