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Title: Kairiru Grammar
Authors: Wivell, Richard
Keywords: Austronesian Languages
Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Kairiru - Grammar
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: University of Auckland
Abstract: This grammar describes the phonology, morphology andclause structure of Kairiru, a language of the Oceanic subgroup of Austronesian, which is spoken on islands north-west of Wewak off the northern coast of New Guinea. Chapter 1 gives information about the external relationships of Kairiru, the Kairiru speech community and previous studies of Kairiru language and society, along with details of the research, and an explanation of abbreviations and other notational conventions. Chapter 2 deals with the phonology of Kairiru. It is apparent that the segmental phonology of Kairiru is undergoing two sound changes. The final section discusses certain orthographic aspects of the language. Chapters 3-7 deal with morphology and syntax. Chapter 3 deals with the noun phrase and chapter 4 with the verb phrase. Also in chapter 4 the indexing of subject and object arguments in the verb, as well as various morphophonemic processes that affect the verb, are discussed in some detail. An analysis is given in Chapter 5 of nominal and verbal clause types and their structure, together with an account of the formation of negative constructions. Chapter 6 deals with verb serialisation in Kairiru, a phenomenon which leads to the positing of an intermediate level in the syntactic hierarchy between the clause and the sentence -the complex clause. Chapter 7 provides a brief sketch of the various types of complex sentence construction and the functional relationships that are overtly or implicitly indicated between clauses. The final section treats topic marking in Kairiru discourse. Chapter 8 gives a brief overview of the dialects of Kairiru, and summarises the findings of a dialect survey undertaken by the writer. Three appendices are included. Appendix I is a chart outlining the Kairiru phonemes, their allophones and their suggested orthographic equivalents. Appendix II includes two Kairiru texts together with both a morpheme-by-morpheme translation and a free translation. In Appendix III a list is given of the 212 items of the wordlist used in the dialect survey.
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