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Title: An Introduction to Pagu through the Analysis of Narrative Discourse
Authors: Wimbish, Sandra Gay
Keywords: Indo-Pacific Languages
West Papuan Languages
Pagu - Grammar
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: The University of Texas at Arlington
Abstract: This thesis is an introduction to Pagu, a Papuan language of Northern Maluku, Indonesia. It is one of seven closely related languages spoken on the island of Halmahera. A brief description of the Pagu phonology, including morphophonemics, the noun phrase, and verbal morphology precede the analysis of narrative discourse. Some features of discourse which are discussed include the overall structure of the narrative, with special attention on the markings of the peak; the ranking of verbs in relation to their discourse functions; tense, aspect, and modality markings from the discourse perspective; patterns of verb repetition; the discourse basis for Pagu article selection; participant reference; and deviations from SOV word order.
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