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dc.contributor.authorBeesley, Kenneth Reid-
dc.description.abstractThis thesis explores the analysis of English adjectives and adjectivals, in particular those which are properly translated as one-place predicates. The intent is both to review earlier analyses and to expand the fragment of English which is-accounted for in a Montague grammar. The presentation is in three parts. The first, comprising Chapters 1 to 4 explains and defends the analysis of some adjectives as predicates of individuals. Much of the discussion is devoted to measure adjectives like big and tall and evaluative adjectives like good and skilful. The second part, comprising Chapters 5 and 6, introduces adjectives and other categories at, proposition level; these include modal adjectives like necessary and possible and ' parenthetical. adjectives like odd and strange. Finally, Chapter 7 presents rules, and definitions to account for predicative adjectives and other categories at property level; notably Tough adjectives and 'human propensity adjectives' like wise and stupid. A number of other adjective classes and related phenomena are treated in the course of the discussion, including passive participles, present participles and adjectives taking various complements A generalised theory and formalisation of nonrestrictive modification is also provided.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Edinburghen_US
dc.subjectIndo-European Languagesen_US
dc.subjectGermanic Languagesen_US
dc.titleOn the Analysis of English Adjectives In a Montague Grammaren_US
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