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Title: A Pedagogical Grammar of Tboli
Authors: Forsberg, Vivian M.
Keywords: Tboli - Grammar
Philippine Languages
Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Austronesian Languages
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: Tboli is a language spoken by people living in southwestern Mindanao, Philippines, in the province of South Cotabato. The pedagogical grammar of Tboli has been written to help non-Tboli interested in learning to speak Tboli. A discussion of spelling and pronunciation includes the alphabet and spelling rules. Other forms of grammar described are nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and personal and demonstrative pronouns. Phrases and nonverbal and verbal sentences are discussed, with emphasis on the focus system. Location, time words, negatives, and questions are also described. Two particular difficulties with Tboli are pronunciation and the focus system. (Contains 2 references.) (JP)
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