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Title: La littérature migrante en Italie: la traduction de "Le bonheur a la queue glissante" d'Abla Farhoud
Authors: De Vaucher Gravili, Anne
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: From French <<expression literature>> to <<migration literature>> in Italy: here is the subject of this study, showing how Italian publishing houses are still sensitive to the themes of exile and uprooting and how they have been publishing books dealing with emigration and immigration since the 1960s. But the year 2000, with the <<Fiera del Libro>> of Turin, marks an editorial change not only in Italy but throughtout Europe: literature becomes metis and creole. Space is given to migrant writers, from all over the world, who express their deep malaise by creating new images and unknown rhythms which transform the languages they adopt. This is why a Quebecois novel, by the Lebanese writer Abla Farhoud, "Le bonheur a la queue glissante", has been translated with great success into Italian. The second part of this essay deals with the analysis of this translation.
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