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Title: A grammatical sketch of a Siar text from the perspective of two strata
Authors: Erdman, Laurens Baker
Keywords: Siar - Grammar
Patpatar-Tolai Languages
Oceanic Languages
Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Austronesian Languages
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: The University of Texas at Arlington
Abstract: Siar is a little-known language in the Patpatar-Tolai sub-group of Austronesian languages. It is spoken by some 2200 people inhabiting the southern tip of New Ireland,Papua New Guinea. This thesis gives a syntactic description of the Siar noun, verb, and prepositional phrases as well as the nominal chain, embedded na(relative) clause, clause,and sentence structures as they occur in a typical narrative text. Each construction is examined in light of its constituent parts and their semantic realizations. The second half of the thesis is a detailed look at the four semantic event proposition constructions and their constituents in the text, and their corresponding morphemic surface structure. Some interesting features of Siar are its use of the realis modal to mark semantic expression event propositions and the mainline of the text, and its split distribution of the singular and plural verbal pronouns in the verb phrase.
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