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Title: A Grammar of Logba (Ikpana)
Authors: Dorvlo, Kofi
Keywords: Logba (Ikpana) - Grammar
Potou-Tano Languages
Nyo Languages
Kwa Languages
Volta-Congo Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
African Languages
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: LOT Leiden
Abstract: This thesis presents a grammar of Logba, one of the fourteen Ghana Togo Mountain (hereafter GTM) languages in the hills of the Ghana-Togo frontier. The work is the outcome of a research based on two periods of a total of fifteen months of fieldwork in the Logba speaking communities. The major concern of this study is to describe the Logba language. This chapter introduces the people, geographical location, classification of the language and some general information about the characteristic features of the language.
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