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Title: A Study of the Aklanon Dialect. Vol.I: Grammar
Authors: De La Cruz, Beato A.
Zorc, R.David Paul
Keywords: Aklanon - Grammar
Bisayan Languages
Central Philippine Languages
Greater Central Philippine Languages
Philippine Languages
Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Austronesian Languages
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Peace Corps. Washington, D.C.
Abstract: The purposes of this grammar of Aklanon are to: (1) provide teachers with a sourcebook on their dialect, so that they can understand the formalities of Aklanon; (2) provide foreign learners of the dialect, particularly Peace Corps volunteers or missionaries, with a reference grammar; and (3) provide linguists with a treatment of an unresearched dialect. The grammar is divided into the following six units: (1) "Preliminary Remarks on Aklanon"; (2) "Phonology, The Significant Sounds of the Aklanon Dialect"; (3) "Linguistic Background"; (4) "Morphophonemics in Aklanon"; (5) "The Basic Parts of Speech"; and (6) Function Words. The grammar is followed by a bibliography of linguistic and dialect study books. (CLK)
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