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dc.contributor.authorZekiyan, Boghos Levon
dc.description.abstractIt is five years since Adriano Alpago Novello, one of the most prominent scholars of the second half of the 20th century in the field of Armenian architecture and art, passed away on the 4th of June 2005. This article (a revision of an earlier paper, published in the web volume Alpaghian, a collection of articles to honour Adriano Alpago Novello's 70th anniversary, ed. by Gianclaudio Macchiarella, Scriptaweb, Napoli, 2005), wishes to commemorate him and his scholarly work in the 5th anniversary of his death). The present paper concentrates on the study of the Centro di Studi e di Documentazione della Cultura Armena (Centre for the Study and Documentation of Armenian Culture) whose foundation has been one of Alpago Novello's main achievements. Through the anlaysis of the process of its formation and of its developments, the writer aims at putting in light the enormous contribution given by Adriano Alpago Novello to the study and popularization in the West of Armenian art and architecture as well as more generally of Subcaucasian/Georgian art and architecture. The activities promoted by Alpago Novello and his Centre included a great variety of achievements, such as various scholarly publications, popularizing works, symposia , conferences, lectures, exhibitions and yet other forms of communication which won wider popularity for his scholarly work. It is possible to say that both series directed by Alpago Novello, the Documenti di Architettura Armena/Documents of Armenian Architecture and Ricerca sull'Architettura Armena form a true encyclopaedia of Medical Armenian art and
dc.publisherPadova, Studio Editoriale Gordiniit
dc.relation.ispartofAnnali di Ca' Foscari : Rivista della Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature straniere dell'Università di Ca' Foscari, 2010, vol. 49 (3), pp. 63-90it
dc.titleDalla passione per lo studio allo studio per passione. L'itinerario di ricerca di Adriano Alpago Novello oltre i confini di Bisanzio e il Centro di studi armeni da lui fondato nel 5. anniversario della sua scomparsait
dc.subject.keywordsAdriano Alpago Novelloit
dc.subject.keywordsCentre for the Study and Documentation of Armenian Cultureit
dc.subject.keywordsArmenian art and architectureit
dc.subject.keywordsCaucasian/Georgian art and architectureit
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