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Title: The Grammar of Ahan
Authors: Ogunmodimu, Morakinyo Dickson
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Bantu Languages
Ahan - Languages
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Tulane University
Abstract: This dissertation argues that an undocumented member of the Defoid language family known as Ahan should be considered a language in its own right and not a dialect of some other Yoruboid language. This conclusion is based on a comparison of several syntactic categories in Ahan to those of standard Yoruba. An investigation of the nominal system and functional categories such as markers of tense, aspect, focus, negation and relativization are language internal evidences that support the claims of this thesis. The dissertation has both descriptive and theoretical ambitions. The descriptive part of the dissertation provides basic outline of the grammar of the language and also provides an outline of the various syntactic phenomenon that are language specific to Ahan. The theoretical side of the dissertation examines aspect of the syntax of the language under the latest theory of generative syntax called the Minimalist Program. The applicability of Ahan data to the claims of Minimalist syntax (Chomsky 1995, 2001 and Kayne 1994) and the modifications of the theory where necessary are part of the theoretical endeavor of this dissertation.
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