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Title: The Grammar of Shupamem
Authors: Nchare, Abdoulaye Laziz
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Bantu Languages
Shupamem - Grammar
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: New York University
Abstract: This study analyzes the grammar of Shupamem, a language that belongs to a geographically defined group of languages known as "Grassfields Bantu languages". Through a comprehensive description of empirical data on essential aspects of the morphosyntax syntax of Shupamem, this dissertation makes significant empirical and theoretical contributions to the increasingly important literature on Grassfields Bantu linguistics. I discuss prominent aspects of Shupamem morpho-syntax with illustrations and some reference to other close related Grassfields Bantu languages. The methodology and analytical approach adopted here are essentially in line with the Minimalist Program developed in studies like Chomsky (1995, 2001) and Kayne (1994) designed to account for the principles of Universal Grammar.
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