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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A estrutura argumental dos verbos na língua Juruna (Yudja): Da formação dos verbos para a análise das estruturas sintáticas.-
1997Syntactic Dependencies in Mandarin ChineseZhang, Ning
202Typological challenges, cognitive insights, pragmatic explanations: Investigations on Movima, a linguistic isolate of lowland Bolivia.Haude, Katharina
2017Functions of Morphosyntactic Alternations, and Information Flow in Surgut Khanty DiscourseSosa, Sachiko
2018Les verbes de mouvement et l’expression du lieu en kirundi (bantou, jd62): une étude linguistique basée sur un corpus.Misago, Manoah-Joël
2019Constituent Order and Participant Reference in Napo Quichua Narrative DiscourseMoffitt, Larinda
2017Tone In Acatlán Mixtec NounsMéndez-Hord, Esteban I.
2017Morphologie, syntaxe et sémantique des verbes causatifs synthétiques dans un dialecte andiRochant, Neige
2019Spatial and non-spatial deixis in Cushillococha TicunaSkilton, Amalia E.
2016Tense, Aspect and Mood in Mada, a Central-Chadic Language.Ernst-Kurdi, Eszter
2013The evolution of constructions: The case of be about to.Mee, Joshua
2014Contribution à l’étude du syntagme nominal complexe en khmer contemporain. Etude des relateurs ney, rɔbɑh et ø.Non, Dara
1988De la prédication en totonaque, commune de Huehuetla, Puebla, Mexique.Troiani, Duna
1956Sierra Popoluca MorphologyElson, Benjamin Franklin Jr.
2019Discourse Markers in Rayya Tigrinya: Documentation and Linguistic Analysis.Dagnew Mache, Asgede
2019Verbal Morphology in Amdo TibetanTribur, Zoe
2017Clause Types and Transitivity in Wixárika (Huichol): A Uto-Aztecan Language.Ramos Bierge, Stefanie
1995Phrasal movement and X° morphology. Word order Parallels in Czech and English.Veselovská, Ludmila
2016Pama-Nyungan morphosyntax: Lineages of early description.Stockigt, Clara
2018Nominal and pronominal morphology of Ngardi: A Ngumpin-Yapa language of Western Australia.Ennever, Thomas Blake
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1603