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Title: Binumarien grammar essentials for translation
Authors: Bee, Darlene
Keywords: Binumarien - Grammar
Kainantu-Goroka - Languages
Trans-New Guinea- Languages
Indo-pacific Languages
Issue Date: 1966
Publisher: Summer Institute of Linguistics, Ukarumpa, New Guinea
Abstract: Binumarien is a member of the East New Guinea Highland Stock and of the Eastern family. It bears closest structural relationship to Tairora and Waffa. Most Binumarien speakers also speak Gadsup (also a member of the Eastern Family) and number also speak Atzera, a language which is not genetically related but which is geographically next to Binumarien. It is not known at this stage what influences this multi-lingualism has had on the structure of Binumarien, but a study of its influence may be of value. The following description is designed to answer the questionnaire " Essentials for Translation" by the Grammar Department, New Guinea Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. It is based on the field research of Des and Jenny Oatridge, including two type-script manuscripts: "Nouns of Binumarien" by Jennifer Oatridge and "Sentence Final Verbs in Binumarien" by Des and Jenny Oatridge. They began work among the Binumarien in 1959. This paper does not represent a detailed grammatical analysis of Binumarien but presents a cross-section of constructional types. Further analysis is especially needed in the area of sentence medial verbs and their subordinating and/or coordinating significances. Further study is also needed in the area of morphophonemics.
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