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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988T-Chains and the Constituent Structure of AuxiliariesGuéron, J.; Hoekstra, T.
1997Taba (Makian Dalam): description of an Austronesian language from Eastern IndonesiaBowden, John
1988Tabaru phonology and morphologyKotynski, Edward A.
1965Il taccuino di viaggio di Afanasij NikitinCrosato Arnaldi, G.
1996Tafota Baruga Grammar NotesFarr, Cynthia J.M.
1967Tagalog Transformational Syntax: A Preliminary StatementPeralta-Pineda, Ponciano B.
2009Tagged for Deletion: A Typological Approach to VP Ellipsis in Tag QuestionsSailor, Craig
1983A Tagmemic Analysis of the Wolaitta LanguageAdams, B.A.
1970Tagmemic and Matrix Linguistics Applied to Selected African LanguagesPike, Kenneth L.
2002The Tai Languages of Assam : a Grammar and TextsMorey, Stephen
1991Tainae Grammar EssentialsCarlson, Terry
2011Tamambo: the language of West Malo, VanuatuJauncey, Dorothy G.
2006También / tampoco: marcadores de modalidad deónticaSainz, Eugenia
2015Taming the Hungarian (in)transitivity zoo. Undiagnosed species and a complete derivation of the morphosyntactic patternsMárkus, Andrea Nilsen
2007Tannhäuser's 'Crusade Song': a rewriting of Walther's 'Elegy'?Cammarota, Maria Grazia
2015Tapayuna (Jê) : aspectos morfossintáticos, históricos e sociolinguísticos.Camargo, Nayara da Silva
1992Tappe di una ricerca linguistica iranica (Note)Scarcia, Gianroberto
1991Tarus Sou Rikedu. Tata Bahasa Larike. Larike Grammar.Laidig, Wyn D.; Laidig, Carol
2006Tashkent 1918: giurisperiti musulmani e autorità sovietiche contro i "predicatori del bazar"Sartori, Paolo
2008Tasks, learning activities and oral production skills in CLIL classroomsBerton, Genny