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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Baram: A Typological Sketch.Dhakal, Dubi Nanda
1991Barasano syntax: Studies in the languages of Colombia 2.Jones, Wendell; Jones, Paula
1985Baratto, Goldoni e la scena della letteraturaAnglani, Bartolo
1985"Baratto, vent'anni dopo"Joly, Jacques
1997Le barche tradizionali omanite: criteri di classificazioneStangherlin, Gaia
1972Bardi Verb Morphology - A Transformational AnalysisMetcalfe, Christopher Douglas
2004Bardi Verb Morphology in Historical PerspectiveBowern, Claire Louise
1995BareAikhenvald, Alexandra
2014Bare Nouns among and beyond Creoles. A syntactic-semantic study of Kriyol Bare Noun Phrases based on a crosslinguistic comparison and the theoretical implications.Truppi, Chiara
1999Bare nouns, proper names and the syntax-semantics mapping : toward a unified parametric theoryLongobardi, Giuseppe
1986Bare quantifiers, quantifiers NPs and the notion of operator at S-structureCinque, Guglielmo
2006Bargam Grammar SketchHepner, Mark
1908Bari Grammar and VocabularyOwen, R.C.R.
2005Bariai Grammar SketchGallagher, Steve; Baehr, Peirce
2004The Barí Language of Venezuela: A Glimpse at The Chibchan Periphery.Quesada, J.Diego
Jun-2014Bartual, Carles; Déri, Balázs; Faluba, Kálmán; Szijj, Ildikó (a cura de) (2013). Catalanística a Hongria (1971/72-2011/12). Budapest: Universitat Eötvös Loránd, pp. 208 (Review)Morales, Albert
1989Basic Clause Structure in Veracruz HuastecConstable, Peter G.
2017The Basic Grammar of Kempo Subdialect: Manggarai Language.Semiun, Agustinus
2010Basic Linguistic Theory. Vol.2 (Grammatical Topics)Dixon, R.M.W.
1981Basic Materials In Mara: Grammar, Texts And Dictionary.Heath, Jeffrey