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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Islamistica e Persianologia in Italia (Note e Discussioni)Scarcia, Gianroberto
1979Isole nel fiume: Ajney, 1951Vannucchi, Silvana
2003Issues in adverbial syntaxCinque, Guglielmo
2004Issues in adverbial syntaxCinque, Guglielmo
2004Issues in Adverbial SyntaxCinque, Guglielmo
2004Issues in comparative Uto-Aztecan morphosyntaxHaugen, Jason D.
2004Issues in Khorchin Mongolian Morphology. A study of case markersBudd, Peter
2017Issues in Kwa syntax: Pronouns and clausal determiners.Korsah, Sampson
2008Issues in the Syntax of Marathi. A Minimalist Approach.Nayudu, Aarti
2014Issues in the syntax of nominalsRunić, Marija
2005Issues in Zulu Verbal MorphosyntaxBuell, Leston Chandler
2007Istanze prefative e riscrittura nelle traduzioni anglosassoni d'epoca alfredianaDe Vivo, Franco
2009It Is All About Clitics: The Case of a Northern Italian Dialect Like BellinzoneseCattaneo, Andrea
1996L'Italia nei libri russi:1890-1917Tolstych, Galina A.
1974L'Italia nel "Viaje de Turquia"Meregalli, Franco
2015Italian arbitrary external arguments in active and passive clausesBianchi, Valentina
1991The Italian Child's C-SystemSchaeffer, Jeannette
1994Italian Compounds of the Accendigas Type: a Case of Endocentric Formation?Bisetto, Antonietta
1999Italian Emphatic Pronouns are Postverbal SubjectsCardinaletti, Anna
2010Italian Evaluative Morphology: a syntactic approachGambino, Michele