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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The analysis of the passé surcomposé : a hypothesis on sentence structure formationPoletto, Cecilia
1998A Case of "do support" in RomanceBenincà, Paola; Poletto, Cecilia
1995Complementizer deletion and verb movement in ItalianPoletto, Cecilia
1996The diachronic development of a modal verb of necessityBenincà, Paola; Poletto, Cecilia
1991The diachronic development of subject clitics in North Eastern Italian dialectsPoletto, Cecilia
2006Doubling as EconomyPoletto, Cecilia
Sep-2008european dialect syntax IIIPoletto, Cecilia
1989La costruzione scissa: un'analisi contrastivaGrewendorf, Günther; Poletto, Cecilia
2002The left-periphery of V2-Rhaetoromance dialects: a new view on V2 and V3Poletto, Cecilia
1995On negation in German and BavarianBrugger, Gerhard; Poletto, Cecilia
1993On Negation in German and BavarianBrugger, Gerhard; Poletto, Cecilia
2011On niente : optional negative concord in Old ItalianGarzonio, Jacopo; Poletto, Cecilia
2005On the diachronic origin of sentential particles in North-Eastern Italian dialectsMunaro, Nicola; Poletto, Cecilia
2000On the Left Periphery of Some Romance Wh-QuestionsPoletto, Cecilia; Pollock, Jean-Yves
2005Propagazione di suffissi derivazionali nel linguaggio giovanilePenello, Nicoletta; Poletto, Cecilia
2010Quantifiers as negative markers in Italian dialectsGarzonio, Jacopo; Poletto, Cecilia
2000"Rhetorical" wh-phrases in the left periphery of the sentenceObenauer, Hans-Georg; Poletto, Cecilia
2003Sentential Particles and Clausal Typing in the Veneto DialectsMunaro, Nicola; Poletto, Cecilia
1993Subject clitic / Verb inversion in North Eastern Italian dialectsPoletto, Cecilia
1993Subject Clitic/Verb Inversion in NorthEastern Italian DialectsPoletto, Cecilia