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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Bare quantifiers, quantifiers NPs and the notion of operator at S-structureCinque, Guglielmo
2010The Cartography of Syntactic StructuresCinque, Guglielmo; Rizzi, Luigi; Heine, B.; Narrog, H.
2011Una categoria grammaticale non riconosciuta del bulgaroKrapova, Iliana; Cinque, Guglielmo
1977Cento e un modi per richiedereCinque, Guglielmo; Benincà, Paola; Fava, Elisabetta; Leonardi, Paolo; Piva, Paolo
2008Clitic reduplication constructions in BulgarianKrapova, Iliyana; Cinque, Guglielmo; Kallulli, Dalina; Tasmowski, Liliane
2013Cognition, universal grammar, and typological generalizationsCinque, Guglielmo
2006Complement and Adverbial PPs: Implications for Clause StructureCinque, Guglielmo
2005Deriving Greenberg’s universal 20 and its exceptionsCinque, Guglielmo
2019The different merge positions of the different types of relative clausesCinque, Guglielmo
2015Diminutive, endearing, augmentative and pejorative heads in the extended nominal projectionCinque, Guglielmo
2017DP and CP: a Relativized Minimality approach to one of their non parallelismsKrapova, Iliyana; Cinque, Guglielmo
2011Extraction from DP in Italian revisitedCinque, Guglielmo
2014Extraction from DP in Italian revisitedCinque, Guglielmo
1972Fillmore's Semantics of "Come" RevisitedCinque, Guglielmo
2010Five notes on CorrelativesCinque, Guglielmo
2009Five Notes on CorrelativesCinque, Guglielmo; Mohanty, R.; Menon, M.
2016Functional Categories and Syntactic TheoryRizzi, Luigi; Cinque, Guglielmo
2007The fundamental left-right asymmetry of natural languagesCinque, Guglielmo
2009The Fundamental Left-Right Asymmetry of Natural LanguagesCinque, Guglielmo
2010Greenberg’s Universal 23 and SVO languagesCinque, Guglielmo; Frascarelli, Mara