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Title: A Descriptive Grammar of Libyan Arabic (A Structural Approach)
Authors: Abdunnabi, Awad Wanis
Keywords: Libyan Arabic - Grammar
Afro-Asiatic Languages
African Languages
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: University of Exeter
Abstract: This study presents a comprehensive description of Libyan Arabic Phonology, Morphology and Syntax within the framework of the standard theory of structural method. Eastern Jahal Arabic is the dialect which is spoken by the dwellers in the Green Jabal Territory, Libya. This study consists of three parts with twenty-one chapters. Chapters one through six constitute the phonology of E.JLA, while chapters seven through Fifteen consist of the morphology of EJLA, whereas chapters sixteen through twenty contain the Syntax. Finally, chapter twenty-one comprises a summary and conclusion. Part One presents in detail a distinctive feature classification and description of the Libyan Arabic sounds. There is also a descriptive analysis of the phonological processes of this dialect, such epenthesis, assimilation, gemination, pausal diphthongization, pausal glottalization, imaalah and pharyngealization. The various rules for consonant clusters, syllable structures, stress assignment, and intonation of EJLA are analysed, described and discussed at length and postulated. Part Two presents an extensive study of the morphological component of this dialect. Derivational measures are postulated to derive the various patterns for verbs, adjectives and nouns from their under-lying base forms. Inflectional measures are postulated to account for the affixes that are attached to the base forms of verbs, adjectives and nouns. Part Three describes how words are combined into larger phrasestructures, clauses, and sentences, and this is the domain of syntax within the framework of the standard theory of Descriptive Structural Grammar. The final chapter in this part, summarizes the most important conclusions which can be drawn from the above aspects.
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