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Title: A Brief Grammatical Sketch of Ngambay
Authors: Ndjerareou, Mekoulnodji
Melick, Christy
Moeller, Sarah
Keywords: Ngambay - Grammar
Nilo-Saharan Languages
African Languages
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics
Abstract: Ngambay is an SVO language spoken in the southern part of Chad. The center of the Ngambay5 speaking area is the city of Moundou. According to Thayer (1978:1) Ngambay is classified as Nilo5 Saharan, Chari5Nile, Central Sudanic. It is further classified as Bongo5Bagirmi, Sara5Bagirmi, Sara (Gordon 2005:85). Alternate names include Sara, Sara Ngambai, Gamba, Gabaye, Gam5Lai, Ngambai, and Gambaie (Gordon 2005). According to Gordon (2005:85), there were 750,000 speakers in 1999. 1 This paper provides a rough preliminary sketch of Ngambay grammar. This analysis follows a typological approach as outlined in Kroeger (2005). Phonological rules are given using feature geometry. In §2, we discuss the various word classes and their morphology. In §3, we discuss noun phrases and prepositional phrases. In sections §4 and §5, we provide an overview of sentence structure.
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