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Title: Interpretar desde/hacia la L.I.S y desde/hacia l a L.S.E, un estudio comparativo.
Authors: Greco, Margherita
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: Universit√† Ca' Foscari Venezia
Abstract: In a world where the Sign Languages have been recognized as natural Languages, thanks to several linguistic and non-linguistic studies, the desire to understand and discover new things about them increases. The study proposes the results of a research made in Italy and Spain about interpreting to and from Sign Languages in a scholar setting; the target is to understand the interpreting techniques and which are the points in commons and which one not between this nations. The study is organized as follows: the first part is dedicated to the interpreter, to the Italian Sign Language and to the Spanish Sign Language, and than there is a little section about the legislative situation nowadays. In the last part will be proposed the study, made in Italy (Noventa Padovana) and in Spain (Seville) about the importance of the presence of the interpreter in a school where there are deaf and hearing children. Moreover, the study wants to compare and analyse the interpreting technique that interpreters use in scholar and extra-scholar situations and relationships among colleagues. All this has been made thanks to some surveys proposed during the first experience and repeated, readapted, in the second experience.
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