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The Rivista di grammatica generativa/Research in Generative Grammar (RGG) is one of the earliest journals in Europe to be specifically devoted to the dissemination of research within the generative paradigm.
Its volumes feature articles by many influential researchers (Noam Chomsky, Richard Kayne, Larry Hyman, Jim Higginbotham, Henk van Riemsdijk, Ian Roberts, and many others).
The Rivista di Grammatica Generativa (RGG) was founded by Francesco Antinucci and Guglielmo Cinque in 1976. From 1978 to 1986 it was directed by Francesco Antinucci, Guglielmo Cinque and Luigi Rizzi. The current editors, from 1987, are Guglielmo Cinque and Luigi Rizzi.
While articles in languages other than Italian were also published before vol. 19 (1994), starting with that volume the journal has published and continues to publish almost exclusively in English. The publication was suspended from 2011 to 2013.
From volume 36 (2014) RGG has become an open access journal hosted by the Linguistic Electronic ARchive, of the Center for Language Sciences of Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.
All articles published in the journal are subject to an anonymous peer review process.

ISSN (print) 1976-1990: 0391-2809
ISSN (print) 1991-2010: 1122-4428
ISSN (online) 1976-1990: 1125-3789
ISSN (online) 1991- : 2531-5935

Complete volumes

RGG 1976, vol.1.1, 1.2, 1.3
RGG 1977, vol. 2.1, 2.2
RGG 1978, vol. 3.1, 3.2
RGG 1979, vol. 4, 1-2
RGG 1980, vol. 5
RGG 1981, vol. 6
RGG 1982, vol. 7
RGG 1983, vol. 8
RGG 1984-85, vol. 9-10
RGG 1986, vol. 11
RGG 1987, vol. 12
RGG 1988, vol. 13
RGG 1989, vol. 14
RGG 1990, vol. 15
RGG 1991, vol. 16
RGG 1992, vol. 17
RGG 1993, vol. 18
RGG 1994, vol. 19
RGG 1995, vol. 20
RGG 1996, vol. 21
RGG 1997, vol. 22
RGG 1998, vol. 23
RGG 1999, vol. 24
RGG 2000, vol. 25
RGG 2001, vol. 26
RGG 2002, vol. 27
RGG 2003, vol. 28
RGG 2004, vol. 29
RGG 2005, vol. 30
RGG 2006, vol. 31
RGG 2007, vol. 32
RGG 2008, vol. 33
RGG 2009, vol. 34
RGG 2010, vol. 35
RGG 2014, vol. 36
RGG 2015, vol. 37
RGG 2016, vol. 38

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 272
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Introducing indirect arguments: the locus of diachronic change in Brazilian PortugueseCalindro, Ana Regina Vaz
2016Comparing different aspects of morphosyntactic abilities in a group of children with developmental dyslexiaCaccia, Martina
2016A spanning account of denominals in English and RomanianBleotu, Adina Camelia
2016The romance causee as an oblique subjectBellucci, Giulia
2015RGG, vol. 37 (2015)-
2014RGG, vol. 36 (2014)-
2014The crucial role of the event structure in the retrieval of nominalizations in aphasiaZanini, Chiara; Benincà, Paola; Semenza, Carlo
2015Polarity focus constructions in ItalianServidio, Emilio
2015A syntactic analysis for French liaisonMasutti, Vania
2014Complementizer doubling in European PortugueseMascarenhas, Salvador
2014Linkers in Aromanian in comparison to Albanian and RomanianManzini, M. Rita; Savoia, Leonardo M.
2014Genuine versus superficial relatives in French: the depth of embedding factorHamann, Cornelia; Tuller, Laurice
2015On som in Scandinavian long-distance A-bar dependenciesFranco, Irene; Boef, Eefje
2015VN compounds in Italian and some other Romance languages, Phrasal Spell-out and rebootingFranco, Ludovico
2014The acquisition of Jamaican Creole : a research projectDe Lisser, Tamirand; Durrleman, Stephanie; Rizzi, Luigi; Shlonsky, Ur
2015Ellipsis in Italian split questionsBotteri, Daniele
2015Ordering restrictions in the syntax of relational adjectives in ItalianBortolotto, Laura
2015Italian arbitrary external arguments in active and passive clausesBianchi, Valentina
2014A Syntactic approach toward the interpretation of some distributional frequencies : comparing relative clauses in Italian corpora and in elicited productionBelletti, Adriana; Chesi, Cristiano
1978Sono tre ore che ti aspettoBenincà, Paola
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 272