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Title: Come leggere la città post-jugoslava? Tre proposte di Vladimir Tasić
Authors: Miok, Olivera
Keywords: Tasić
Cultural memory
Issue Date: Nov-2015
Abstract: During the period of war in ex-Yugoslavia and immediately after it, the government of each new country tried to (re)create and (re)construct an official history, in order to erase all the links with communist past and consequently any sentiment of cultural, historical and social unity. One decade later some new, and often nostalgic, approaches to the common past are visible in the contemporary literature of post-Yugoslav countries. The analysis of the images of Novi Sad and Belgrade in three novels of Serbian immigrant writer Vladimir Tasić will show how literature, as personal and intimate narrative, can be seen as a form of resistance against nationalism and against the attempt of memory confiscation.
ISBN: 978-88-6969-048-8
Appears in Collections:Eurasiatica. Quaderni di studio su Balcani, Caucaso e Asia Centrale

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