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Title: Acceptus e magister David a Siponto: nuove acquisizioni
Authors: Bertelli, Gioia
Keywords: Early medieval sculpture
Artists’ signature
David magister
Acceptus magister
Monte Sant’Angelo
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2016
Publisher: Venice : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: After some cleaning operations of the field in the archaeological site of the early Christian basilica of Santa Maria di Siponto, two medieval sculptural fragments returned to light. These should belong to the pulpit or to a hypothetical ciborium placed within the early Christian church and should be the work of a workshop of sculptors active in northern/center Apulia in the fourth and fifth decade of the eleventh century. Of this workshop we know the names of two components: David magister and Acceptus magister; to the first should be ascribed, for the moment, one of the two fragments in question, on which his name appears; to the second belong the ambos of the basilica of San Michele in Monte Sant'Angelo and of the Cathedral of San Sabino in Canosa.
ISBN: 978-88-6969-085-3
Appears in Collections:Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie orientale

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