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dc.contributor.authorVersaci, Antonella-
dc.description.abstractDue to its isolation for a period of forty years, at the beginning of the twenty-first century Albania and its long and rich history were almost unknown to the world. Surrounded by detectable marks of the period of reclusion and plunged in an amazing natural landscape, a cultural heritage of a great richness and diversity came to life again. In 2004, UNESCO, through its Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, sent a mission of experts to evaluate its state of conservation and suggest solutions for its protection. Gianclaudio Macchiarella took part in such an expedition and this was the beginning of a great passion and love for Albania. A number of significant activities – studies, workshops and financed projects for concrete restoration and valorization actions – originated from such a mission. They deserve to be analyzed as, among other things, they symbolize a substantial example of generous and disinterested engagement in the field of scientific research to share and follow.en_US
dc.publisherVenice : Edizioni Ca' Foscarien_US
dc.subjectGianclaudio Macchiarellaen_US
dc.subjectCultural heritageen_US
dc.titleIl contributo di Gianclaudio Macchiarella per la salvaguardia del patrimonio culturale albanese : Riflessioni e percorsi condivisien_US
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