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Title: New Data on Source Characterization and Exploitation of Obsidian from the Chikiani Area (Georgia)
Authors: Biagi, Paolo
Gratuze, Bernard
Keywords: Georgia.
Lesser Caucasus
Mt. Chikiani
Obsidian outcrops
Obsidian geochemistry
LA-ICP-MS analysis
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Venice : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: This paper presents the results obtained from two brief surveys carried out in 2012 and 2014 along the slopes of Mt. Chikiani in south Georgia. The scope of the surveys was to collect obsidian samples for characterization, to improve our knowledge of the raw material resources exploited in prehistoric times. The analysis of 69 samples retrieved from 20 different points have confirmed that Chikiani obsidian is to be subdivided into 3 main groups, characterised by variable percentages of barium and zirconium. The new results have important implications in the prehistory of the Caucasus and its related regions. They improve our knowledge on the exploitation of the obsidian resources, and their circulation in the territory.
ISSN: 978-88-6969-093-8
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