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Title: On the left periphery of V2 languages : evidence from romance fin and force V2 systems
Authors: Wolfe, Sam
Keywords: Verb second
Left Periphery
Verb movement
Null subjects
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center of Language Sciences
Abstract: New comparative data concerning the distribution of V1 and V3 orders in the Medieval Romance languages is presented in order to propose an analysis of the role these ‘deviant’ orders play in Verb Second (V2) grammars. It is proposed that neither V1 nor V3 orders are incompatible with a V2 grammar and that the synchronic variation found with regard to the licensing of V1 and V3 in Romance and cross-linguistically is linked to whether the locus of the V2 property is either ‘low’ in the C-domain on Fin or ‘high’ on Force.
Appears in Collections:Rivista di Grammatica Generativa : Research in Generative Grammar (RGG)

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