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Title: Semantic similarity effects on weak islands acceptability
Authors: Villata, Sandra
Franck, Julie
Keywords: Relativized Minimality
Cue-based memory model
Syntactic features
Semantic features
Reversibility of thematic roles
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: Two acceptability judgment experiments were conducted to investigate the role of similarity in weak islands environments. We tested predictions stemming from a narrow ap-proach to similarity (Featural Relativized Minimality) and from a broad approach to similarity (Cue-based memory model) in generating intervention effects. According to Featural Relativ-ized Minimality, only syntactic features triggering movement modulate similarity amongst ele-ments, while according to the Cue-based memory model both syntactic and semantic features modulate similarity. Results show significant effects of both animacy and reversibility of the-matic roles, two features that do not trigger movement. Therefore, our results support the broad approach to similarity.
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