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Title: PP licensing and compounding : evidence for prepositions as probes
Authors: Michelioudakis, Dimitris
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Keywords: Deverbal compounds
Argument structure
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: This paper investigates non-core arguments commonly realised as PPs and establishes a generalisation concerning their ability to show up as non-head constituents of synthetic compounds. More concretely, we argue that an argument can be compounded if and only if the expected governing P cannot be merged. The pattern discovered suggests that the event-related functional structure commonly diagnosed through these PPs only licenses the respective prepositions, not the thematic relationships encoded. It is argued that the latter can be dissociated from the former if we adopt Kayne’s (2005) analysis of prepositions as probes, which do not select the DP bearing the relevant theta-role, but simply attract it from within a verbal projection.
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