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Title: What 'not' might mean. Expletive negation in attitude contexts
Authors: Makri, Maria Margarita
Keywords: Expletive negation
Epistemic modals
Attitude predicates
Clausal complements
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: This paper examines the syntax-semantics of expletive negation in Modern and Classical Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew attitude complements. It shows that, contrary to what is standardly assumed, expletive negation is not necessarily licensed in Subjunctive complements. It is licensed by predicates allowing for more than one live doxastic alternative, it scopes above Tense, and it is in complementary distribution with epistemic modals. Based on novel data, I show that expletive negation is not semantically vacuous; I propose that it is a weak epistemic modal that marks the contextually provided ordered in terms of likelihood alternatives as equally likely.
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