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Title: Irish genitive phrases: The pseudo-construct state
Authors: Kane, Frances
Folli, Raffaella
Sevdali, Christina
Keywords: Genitive noun phrases
Construct state nominal
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: In this paper we argue that previous analyses of Irish complex genitive noun phrases (GNPs henceforth) as structurally identical to Semitic construct state nominals (CSNs) cannot be correct. First, we expand the empirical picture: we show that some GNPs, namely attributive genitive phrases and genitive phrases with demonstratives can occur with a pronominal determiner. Second, we highlight fundamental differences between Semitic CSNs and Irish GNPs further confirming that the two cannot be analysed on a par. Finally, we show that a unified account for possessive and attributive genitives can be achieved by assuming a relational phrase (after Adger, 2012).
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