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Title: Reduplication in Roman : a case of microvariation
Authors: Jokilehto, Dara
Keywords: Syntactic reduplication
Information structure
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center of Language Sciences
Abstract: This paper discusses a case of reduplication found in Roman Italian, a case of remnant movement. The data is compared to similar phenomena in River Plate Spanish (Saab 2011) and Italian (Gullì 2003). It is argued that Saab (2011) cannot account for the Roman case of reduplication, which involves the reduplication of phrases, since his approach can only prevent the deletion of heads. Gullì’s (2003) account fails to predict that Focus-Fronted elements appear above the reduplicated phrase in Roman. Furthermore, it is argued that the projection between the reduplicated phrases must be that of Mirative Focus (Cruschina 2012), due to the different interpretation of Roman with respect to Gullì’s examples. For these reasons, it is proposed that the projection triggering remnant movement, RedupP, is actually situated below FocP, and that what Gullì uses to host the material sandwiched between the reduplicated strings is a Mirative Focus projection, MFocP.
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