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Title: The Latin system of negation at the syntax-semantics interface
Authors: Gianollo, Chiara
Keywords: Latin
Negative indefinites
Negative Concord
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: This paper proposes an analysis for the syntax of negation and negative indefinites in Classical Latin. A parsimonious account of the diachronic path leading to the Early Romance systems follows from this analysis: just one crucial change in the phrase-structural and featural status of the negative marker, combined with the independent general restructuring of clausal syntax, is argued to be responsible for the (to a large extent) parallel developments of the Romance negative systems. I discuss some Late Latin evidence supporting a relatively early dating of this phenomenon, which would allow for the subsequent development of substantial differences with respect to Latin, as well as the large variation, witnessed already in Early Romance.
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