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Title: The acquisition of passive in L2 Italian: evidence from comprehension and production
Authors: Franciotti, Pamela
Keywords: L2 acquisition
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Venice : Center for Language Sciences
Abstract: The present study reports and discusses results of a comprehension and an elicited production task aimed at investigating the acquisition of passives in L2 Italian. Both tests were carried out with 47 university students of Italian (mean age 22;6) who differed in their levels of proficiency and their L1s. Results show that, although L2ers do not have difficulties in comprehending the passive voice, they seem to struggle in producing it. The production of passives is avoided especially by the L2ers with a low proficiency that tend to rely on (S)VO actives and object clitic constructions. However, the production of passives seems to increase with the L2 proficiency.
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