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Title: Viajes temporales en los poemas extensos de Octavio Paz
Other Titles: Entre desgarramientos e iluminaciones
Authors: Giraud, Paul-Henri
Keywords: Iberistica
Paz, Octavio (1914-1998)
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: Venezia: Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Series/Report no.: Rassegna Iberistica;102/2014
Abstract: Close readings of some of Octavio Paz’s longer poems dating from the period stretching from Piedra de sol (1957) to Pasado en claro (1975) illuminate a mnesic mechanism often used by this author. A place name, a date, a certain time of day, can act as catalysts, taking the poetic voice on a ‘temporal journey’. At the same time, this ‘I’ can change into a ‘we’. During the 1970s, the personal and intimate aspects of memory acquired collective, political, and moral overtones. Poetry became an intense expression of a crisis in consciousness, as well as a tool Paz used in his quest to salvage the ‘instant’ that lies outside of time, and that is lost and found through love, the presence of the beloved – until the edge of death.
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