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Title: Cajambre de Armando Romero : Una novela no solo negra (Note)
Authors: Mistrorigo, Alessandro
Keywords: Iberistica
Romero, Armando. Cajambre
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Venezia : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Series/Report no.: Rassegna Ibersitica;101/2014
Abstract: The last novel of the Colombian author Armando Romero takes place in the forest traversed by the river Cajambre, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. In this work, Romero recollect the culture of the Pacific coast, where he had the opportunity to live as a young man, and pays a tribute to African-American women of that area, which have always been the support of local communities. The tragic story of Ruperta allows the author to explore the social dynamics between different sectors of that community, and to investigate the relationships with the white strangers, called "paisas". It is a strange noire and a tribute to the river, to its people and a personal story describing the wonderful and difficult impressionist landscape of the damp tropical jungle.
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