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Title: Those in Darkness Drop from Sight : Precarity in the Theatre of Okada Toshiki
Authors: Regelsberger, Andreas
Keywords: Nipponistica
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Venezia: Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: Okada Toshiki (*1973) founded his theatre company Chelfitsch in 1997 and has drawn considerable attention ever since. In his works he combines hyper-colloquial Japanese with a unique choreography. As a child of the so called ‘lost generation’ he belongs to the generation of young Japanese that was especially hard hit by the economical crisis after the bubble’s collapse after 1990. As a result of the government’s deregulation, economic inequality (kakusa shakai) began to grow and the gap between rich and poor widened. Many young people of that generation had to face social decline and were forced to accept long working hours or low wages as ‘working poor’. The conditions of precarious work became the reality of many Japanese. Okada’s work is discussed in the context of his inspirational sources and this article questions his methods as a new form of Japanese theatre.
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