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Title: A New Frontier in Art : From Calligraphy to Performance
Authors: Menegazzo, Rossella
Keywords: Nipponistica
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Venezia: Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: Over the last few years writing and calligraphic forms have seen a huge revival both in Japan and in East Asia developing as a new form of art. Works and installations using calligraphy, writing or typographic fonts and exploiting the richness of Asian languages have increased to the point where there’s no exhibition or Biennal where art writing is missing. Following the classical pictorial models and formats, where calligraphy and painted images are considered as a unique form of expression, similarly, today calligraphic forms are used, mixed and overlapping with images both in contemporary graphic design and in photographic works. However, we can see also an increase in research through performative acts which recall the instinctive and free gesture of the zenga masters, at the same time adding at the same time to that approach the qualities of new media, technologies and internationalized art trends. The result is a completely new form of art expression originating from a continuous exchange between worldly active and complementary creative movements.
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