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Title: The Torah Scroll as a Person and as the Sacred Source of Creation in Agnon’s Narrative
Authors: Trevisan Semi, Emanuela
Keywords: Ebraistica
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Venezia : Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: The Sefer (in many communities the Torah scroll is known only as the Sefer), the Book par excellence, has become not only the object that embodies the durability of the Jewish religious faith but also the place, the symbolic territory that has replaced the Temple and the real territory at a time when both have disappeared. In this article the Sefer, the quintessence of the Jewish identity, will be analyzed also as it is perceived in many Jewsh communities and in literature as a person, as a human being, male or female, a human being that deserves to be treated as pure and sacred. A perception that has been very elaborated in an interesting tale of Agnon, Haggadat ha sofer (The legend of the scribe), a tale that will be considered here.
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